A world summit of fashion, style and creativity, characterized by a dialogue between several cultural grooming,ideas and bloc conceptions in the world of fashion. The International Style Festival is a universal mix of the finest cultural sets transient in fashion, ranging from intense native patterns, to intriguing designs and clothing texture.
The International Style Festival(ISF) occurs at the perfect time to highlight Nigeria’s finest fashion and accessories. While embracing and encompassing the breadth of fashion available in Nigeria and beyond, the event will set a new standard in terms of high quality, high earned-style runway shows complete with VIP seating, credentialed media access and an upscale promotional music concert to close the style festival. The ISF is a cultural and social event that will grow each year, giving fashion enthusiasts one more reason to name Nigeria a preferred tourist destination. While the countries unique cultural amenities and wonderful/hospitable people have put Nigeria in the map, the ISF will help make sure we stay there.
The purpose of the International style Festival(ISF) is to raise awareness of the impact that all design disciplines – fashion, graphic, product, architecture, advertising etc have in Nigeria. The ISF is an inclusive event that brings professionals, businesses, entrepreneurs, students and educators together to celebrate, educate and inspire one another. Raising awareness and fostering a stronger creative community.

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